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[edit] Theories

[edit] Mirrored World Theory

Some scholars involved in the studies of the effects of a circular, interconnected universe theorize that each planet has a polar opposite located on the exact opposite end of the universe. They also believe that every person has an exact counterpart who exists in this alternate world. Each action you make is hypothetically being mirrored by your counterpart. Also, the supposed counterpart is believed to think that he is the original, and you are the reflection of his actions. However, many people feel that this is simply a strange fantasy that has little or no real evidence to support it.

[edit] Time Travel

A long-standing hypothesis is that one can travel backwards in time if they utilize the circular nature of the universe. However the one major flaw in this hypothesis is the lack of knowledge on the effects of time when travelling the universe. If time passes in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion, then this theory has some merit. However, if time travels in both directions at once and meets in the middle, this theory would merely allow one to travel through time forwards, then backwards to their place of origin. This observation is still in need of serious chronological studies, and should not be deemed as fact.

[edit] Universe Tearing

The nature of the rifts created by wizards has always been rather mysterious, but most do not feel that it has any real serious effects. However, some belive that rifting causes damage to the fabric of the universe every time a rift 'tears' a hole in the space-time lattice. If rifting does indeed have this effect on the universe, it could have catastrophic consequences involving the 'mixing' of realities that are particularly close, damaging the life that inhabits both worlds.

[edit] Rift Chaotics

This is one of the more hypothetical theories. The situation follows thus: two wizards both create rifts to different places at the same location. What would happen? This question has been the bother of philosophers for a long time. The two most popular explinations are this: firstly, the two rifts would cancel each other out. The second, however, is more radical: the two rifts would create a chaotic turbulence in the space-time continuum and form a rift capable of transporting a person into a random location. This second theory has far more use, seeing as if there was some way to direct the chaotic transportaion flux it would allow free transport to anywhere in existance effortlessly.

[edit] Worlds

[edit] Terr

Terr is the name of the main world of a typical story in the universe. While humans or parahumans may travel between it and it's twins, or even distant lands, their home is still Terr. Terr has a large number of arid lands, a large number of lands fresh with grass and trees, and some occasional densely forested areas. There are a few different areas of constant cold, presumably created by a rift that leads to Moch, it's sister. The technological level of Terr is roughly medieval era, though with some slight bobs and bubbles.

[edit] Moch

Moch is one of the worlds directly interconnected to Terr. On it, there are little to no life forms, those that do dwell being primarily the hulking Masks and what limited tiny prey exists on their planet. It is unknown precisely why Moch is so cold and so empty, considering that generally a sister planet shares many traits with it's sisters. The case of Moch is mildly interesting to many mages.

[edit] Vein

Vein is a planet filled with creatures with mildly rough hides and sharp claws and teeth. It's dominant species are the Corol, who fight in a constant battle with their emotion sucking cousins, the Vios. The topography of the planet is largely rough, with craggy edges, cliffs, canyons, mountains and valleys. Plant life is primarily limited to ferns, flowers and grass.

[edit] Cyxon Mox

Cyxon Mox is a large desert planet which exists at a considerable distance from Terr. It is not unreachable, but it is still at such a length that traveling to it is near impossible unless it is done in a series of minor hops. Called 'The Dry World' by those who visit it, it is primarily uninhabited. The few exceptions to this are a multitude of enormous spiders, Mhoro Hor, which create burrows in the sand and snatch up any who walk across their path. They primarily prey on the Ect Naykob, which are a race of winged scavengers. These birds devour the dead Mhoro Hor, which creates a very interesting ecological cycle. Only small tribes of scattered barbarians known as the Koctn still inhabit Cyxon Mox, as most people with a knack for magic left long ago.

[edit] Sivilis

Sivilis is a heavily populated world that no longer posesses any natural plant or animal habitats. The only space not filled by buildings are the farming sectors, which supply food for the entire world. Long ago the world had scattered cities all around the globe, but by now they all have expanded to such a degree that all cities have run together and formed one colossal one, known as Kjempemessig. The people who live on Sivilis, the Elendig, are hard working and militaristic. Although this world is truly not a happy one, people still visit it for their highly valued manufactured goods.

[edit] Alastok

Alastok is one of the few other worlds which is known to have a civilized society of intelligent nonhumans, the Artor. It is ruled by the chief militant culture, the Savor, which control most of the known world. Notable creatures are Borvans, large omnivorous mounts, and Redworms, mildly magic stealth predators. Also worth noting is the Sorav, those Artor who alter their form and become paraartors.

[edit] Arcobaleno

Arcobaleno is a planet which, long ago, was once a lifeless wasteland. Like Cyxon Mox, it was deemed a waste of energy to visit by most of the magical community. However, a crazy wizard named Tovenaar disagreed. He felt that it was his duty to recreate life on Arcobaleno. And so, he left for Arcobaleno and never returned. Years later, when both Tovenaar and his quest had been forgotten, a wizard decided to visit the barren planet and hide a trunk of questionably legal items. However, to his suprise, upon reaching Arcobaleno he found the entire world teeming with life. Tovenaar had visited worlds far and wide, taking with him what he thought were the most interesting and beautiful animals and plants. He altered them until they were fit to live together in an ecosystem, then let the life cycle take effect. Of course, Tovenaar couldn't help but put his own little touch on Arcobaleno, so he created a race of golems known as the Levende. The planet, once stark and desolate, is now home to one of the most interesting collections of flora and fauna in the universe. It is now primarily a forest, with a few mountains and ravines.

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