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[edit] Core Principles

Magic is based upon grabbing and throwing items to and from other worlds (generally adjacent), or into the infinitely small space in the middle. It is created by a use of energy, in the form of mana, to alter the nature of nearby objects.

[edit] Mana

Mana is the term for the energy placed in, used in, taken from, or provided by magical reactions that involve the motion between worlds. It is generally used in magic spells, although it is also occasionally gained from them (generally in a shaped form, such as a fireball).

[edit] Uses

Mana is used to...

  • Enable teleportation between worlds.
  • Form magical energy in a controlled pattern.
  • Randomly combine magical energy in unpredictable patterns.
  • Summon paraforms from adjacent worlds.
  • Store magical energy (generally stolen) for later use.
  • Create magical rifts in a beneficial manner.
  • Alter humans by creating miniature rifts.

[edit] Long-Term Effects of Mana

Channeling mana between worlds too often in a given area can lead to rifting, where a permanent rift is created between the two worlds. This can alter ecology majorly by allowing paraforms to enter in from whatever world the energy was channeled from.

[edit] Paraforms

Paraforms are objects created from, drawn from, or placed into other worlds. Generally, they have no special properties, although some processes involving Mana do cause it to gain qualities of the world it travelled to.

[edit] Describes

The term "paraform" may describe...

  • Creatures from another world summoned through a rift.
  • Magical items created via combination of a rift and mana.
  • Humans altered via the use of mana.
  • A human in another world.
  • The term "paraforming" is sometimes used colloquially to describe motion between dimensions. This is incorrect usage.
  • Rifts between worlds.

[edit] Long-Term Effects

Paraforms such as creatures from other worlds can oftentimes ruin the ecology of the area they enter, if they are not killed outright. Paraforms such as rifts between worlds generally allow creatures from the worlds they are a rift between to enter the other world, which of course screws up the ecology. They can also lead to bizarre environmental effects on the area around them.

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