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  • What Not To Do, Flavor-Wise
    • Do not create pages which contain graphic sexual or violent content. Pages that contain themes such as rape, sex, violence et cetera, will not be deleted unless such themes are either graphic, needless, or the page is otherwise wanting.
    • Do not add demi-humans, intelligent magical creatures, or anything else intelligent that's never been a human nor was created by one, to the races of Terr. This does not include things such as humans altered via a magical spell, or items enchanted by humans to have intelligence, or which have taken up a small living on Terr. This is a design choice - please do not violate it. Pages found to contain such races will be editted to remove the races, or deleted altogether if they have no other content.
    • Do not parody anything. This is designed to be an open book which is made up of original ideas and could be theoretically written about in a serious book, a humorous book, a roleplaying book, whatever. Pages found to contain parodies or open references to other works will be deleted.

  • What Not To Do, Etiquette-Wise
    • Do not become too attached to a page that it becomes a "pet" page for you, and you attack or undo any edits done by those who are not you. This violates the purpose of the Ouroboros wiki, which is to allow an open creative writing environment.
    • Do not remove or majorly edit information from pages that warn you against doing such at the top, such as the cosmology section, or the magic section. You may add to these sections in ways that are defined in those sections. This is because editting in such a way can and will screw up a large number of other pages.
    • Do not screw around with a page which obviously looks like it should be protected, such as this one, but happens not to be.

  • Thematic Elements
    • Magic is a force. It is not a deal, it is not a communication, it is not a reliance on or anything else along those lines with a supernatural deity, nor is it one with nature or anything else. Magic is a force, like chemistry, that can be manipulated to one's own advantage.
    • The world, and the universe, is recursive; it flows in circles and cycles and repitition and so forth. When brainstorming articles, try to keep this in mind.
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